Aesthetic Medicine

Smoothing of mimic wrinkles with botulinum toxin

The price is determined individually during the visit and consultation and depends on the units of the product administered.

1 area from 450 PLN
2 areas from 800 PLN
3 areas from 990 PLN
Full face lift 1 100 PLN
Bruxism (teeth grinding) from 900 PLN
Excessive sweating (armpits) from 1 300 PLN
Excessive sweating (hands) from 1 500 PLN
Excessive sweating (feet) from 2 000 PLN

Autologous treatments with own blood – plasma / platelet-rich fibrin

Plasma / platelet-rich fibrin 1 amp - 550 PLN / 2 amps - 900 PLN
Plasmoo (combined therapy with plasma/platelet-rich fibrin, various fractions for the entire face including the under-eye area, forehead, lips, and cheeks) 2 amps - 1 000 PLN
Dry eye syndrome - platelet-rich plasma 1 amp - 500 PLN
Lip hydration 500 PLN

Tissue stimulators


Hair loss therapy

Peptide therapy Dr. Cyj - 1 treatment 600 PLN
Peptide therapy Dr. Cyj - Series of 4 treatments 2 000 PLN
Plasma / platelet-rich fibrin 1 amp - 550 PLN

Injectable lipolysis

Price determined individually after consultation, depending on the area and amount of adipose tissue

Chin from 350 PLN
Abdomen from 700 PLN
Thighs 700 - 900 PLN
Arms from 350 - 700 PLN

Non-surgical eyelid lift – medical plasma

Price determined individually during the consultation, depending on the corrective needs

Upper or lower eyelids 1 000 PLN
Crow's feet 800 PLN
Full eyes - upper/lower eyelids and crow's feet 1 400 PLN


The price is determined individually after consultation, depending on the extent of the condition, the product used, or the method.

Doppler ultrasound examination + phlebology consultation 300 PLN
Foam sclerotherapy 300 PLN / 1x amp
Laser vessel closure from 200 PLN
CLaCS method - vessel closure from 800 PLN
Qualification for varicose vein removal 200 PLN
Endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins (EVLT) from 3 500 PLN
Miniphlebectomy from 1 500 PLN

Dermatological Surgery

Plasma IQ

Removal of skin lesions
(Fibroma, seborrheic keratosis, warts)
from 250 PLN
Facial skin lesion removal
(Warts, fibroma)
from 500 PLN
Removal of contagious molluscum
Removal of moles (e.g., Miescher nevus)
Removal of seborrheic keratosis
Removal of fibromas
Removal of xanthelasma
Treatment of hyperkeratosis
Removal of vascular lesions
Removal of telangiectasia
Reduction of pigmented lesions
Assisting in dermatochalasis (blepharoplasty)

General Medicine

Consultation regarding treatment, diagnostics, prescription 200 PLN
Otoscopic examination of the ears + consultation / treatment 200 PLN
Ear irrigation + otoscopic examination 200 PLN


Reception hours

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